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Plzzzzz let that actually be a work truck, omfg perfection

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Plzzzzz let that actually be a work truck, omfg perfection

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walking a drunk friend like


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Hurricane Ana or not,

I’m cleaning my truck, car, and yard today regardless. And I’ll be happily clearing roads of mudslides and fallen trees in the storm tomorrow while everybody else is tucked warm and cozy in their homes. Have a good weekend chufakas!

last night was good

It showed me the absolute true colors of the people I work with. And it also showed me why I drink with the people I do. We’re all on the same page, we all have an unspoken bond when it comes to watching each others backs by protecting one another and their families if need be. This is why I live where I do. Country boys hold their own when we need to.


When you’re talking with your coworkers about a cute girl in another department, then you realize she’s literally standing directly behind you the whole time and heard everything you said……bruh. Tomorrow is gonna be interesting as fuck when I see her in the morning.

Best weekend in a while.

Successful day at the HWRA rodeo at the ranch. It’s been a LONG work week leading up to today, but it was all worth it. Really looking forward to next weekend for the Hawaii All-State High School rodeo, which means overtime every single day this upcoming week, yaaaassssss.

This weekend has been amazing.

Had a huge Pa’ina at the ranch Friday after work with all the employees. When it ended at 8, the Horseback ladies, Livestock department, Landscaping department, and a few tour guides went over to Crouching Lion in Ka’a’awa. Partied there and had a good time, then I left at about 2am. Woke up Saturday morning at 7, drove to my parents house in Wahiawa to help clean the yard and see my dog, then drove back to Punalu’u. Cleaned my house, washed my car, then I went to my cousin Jorge’s wedding in Kahana and went to the reception for a bit. Right around 6pm, I drove to Kaneohe to my coworkers house and met up with everybody else, then we went to the Katt Williams comedy show, and then went to The Republik for the Jimmy Weeks Project CD release party. Now me and my coworkers are holding a family fun-day at Lanikai beach. Bruh, life is perfect.

Selling a red/black Pueo OC1 ultralight with matching Ama, and a never used extra rudder. Used about a dozen times at Lanikai, extremely watertight with no knicks or scrapes on the exterior hull. Properly washed down and stored after every use. Also throwing in a Makana Ali’i double bend paddle, made to my height of 5’7”. Willing to transport and deliver anywhere on Oahu, or willing to ship outer island if necessary. Looking to sell for $3400, or trade for 2 racing SUPs with paddles close to equal value.

I’m so freaking scared and anxious to hear back from them tomorrow. Ughhhh, I feel like I did good today but so did the other guys. Hopefully I showed enough of what I have to offer so they choose me. This would be a monumental stepping stone in my career.